Version 3.51 released

Layout editor

  • BUGFIX - Renamed the 'Add Font' button in the text dialogue which was mislabeled as 'Mirror X'

  • BUGFIX - Dialogue box for pin number in 'Save layout as a geometry' now clears old data

  • BUGFIX - Add Polygon and Add Polyline are both working now

  • BUGFIX - Fixed erratic right mouse click when moving component refs/values

  • BUGFIX - No more graphics glitch when moving component refs/values and panning at the same time

  • BUGFIX - Crash bug caused by dragging a trace and panning at the same time

  • BUGFIX - 'Select only objects on layer -> drills' works now (both plated and unplated)

  • BUGFIX - Left side buttons state no longer gets out of sync when changing mode in right click menu

  • BUGFIX - 'Change arc width/height' works now

  • BUGFIX - 'Output drill data as a gerber file' checkbox in the gerber dialogue is now remembered

  • BUGFIX - Text from 'extra' field in gerber dialogue is now put into layers.txt sensibly

  • Drill summary file no longer contains full .pcb file path

  • Default for areafills changed to set 'do not add thermal reliefs'

Geometry editor

  • BUGFIX - Dialogue box 'Add round through holes -> starting pin nr' now clears old data

Schematic/Symbol editor

  • BUGFIX - Dialogue box for reference in 'Component Info dialogue' now clears old data

  • BUGFIX - Components no longer fly away when rotating immediately after a copy

  • BUGFIX - 'Component selections by list' actually selects components now (!!!)

  • BUGFIX - Symbol editor's pin entry dialogue now reads all lines, including the last four

  • BUGFIX - Fixed some cases where text was created with the wrong line thickness

  • BUGFIX - 'Import text from file' works now

  • BUGFIX - 'Add symbol with search' no longer corrupts the symbol name

  • BUGFIX - Arrow heads (on special lines) are now visible for newly created designs

Design Manager

  • BUGFIX - Background colour is now correctly read from the windows registry

Significant known bugs in this version

Layout editor

  • Setting PCB layers to 1 is buggy. Workaround: Set layers to 2 for a single layer board

  • The 'Save layout as a geometry' feature crashes the program sometimes